Friday, September 28, 2018

Review 8 Mile (2002)

A man who recognizes his own weakness, is a man who can truly achieve his true greatness.

Since its release, I’ve been constantly listening to “Kamikaze”, the newest album released by Eminem as a statement of criticism towards the current hip hop industry. Not soon after that Eminem also responded to a diss by Machine Gun Kelly, with the single “Killshot”. I really am in no position to say Eminem is the best rapper there is, yet, there’s something undeniably compelling about his principles that I think not many rapper has. Like every great rapper, Eminem’s lyrical prowess came from his honesty in preaching his own message and life experience. Yet unlike many, Eminem never took pride in any of them, on the contrary, Eminem is a man who recognizes his own faults to a degree that is boldly honest and self aware. He never thinks too highly of himself, and the egotistical ‘god’ image people often accused him for claiming is actually a form of satire.

Why did I rant about this in a movie account you ask? Well, because I think “8 Mile” is a film that captures that perfectly. Being a semi-biographical story of Eminem’s life, the film succeeds in giving us a look into his ideals and motives. Sure the film is not necessarily great by any means; pacing issues, some mediocre supporting performances, and awkward dialogue is a recurring problem throughout its runtine. And seeing it as a stand-alone fictional story would make it feels quite formulaic and bland. However, if you shift your perspective and see this film as the story of Eminem, “8 Mile” became a terrific potrait of the artist’s career. Eminem’s compelling performance (at being himself that is) also helps the film through. And despite all the slogs in the middle, the film pays it off with one of the most satisfying ending ever.

“8 Mile” is a definite must watch for those who is familiar with rapper, Marshall Mathers a.k.a Eminem’s work. And for those who aren’t, there’s still enough things that it has in store to keep your palms sweaty, your knees weak, and your arms heavy.


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