Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Review A Simple Favor (2018)

Based on the novel of the same name by Darcey Bell, A Simple Favour follows single mum Stephanie (Kendrick), a stay-at-home vlogger, who forms an unlikely friendship with fellow school mum Emily (Lively), an enigma, who disappears unexpectedly without a trace, after requesting that Stephanie look after her young son Nicky.

Feig is renowned for his comedy works in film, such as ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Spy’, and etches some comedy into this otherwise suspenseful thriller. It’s a neo-noir that it is absolutely bonkers from start to finish, but in a good way. Feig also makes use of a largely French soundtrack which gives the film style and swagger.

Blake Lively (‘Gossip Girl’, ‘The Age Of Adaline’) and Anna Kendrick (‘Twilight’, ‘Pitch Perfect’) give impressive performances, both really pushing their own character traits and really let their hair down. Lively entertains with her brilliant fanatical behaviour and blasé parenting, whilst Kendrick really goes on a journey as Stephanie, beginning as more of an innocent type before really coming out of her shell. There are also a host of amusing supporting performances in the form of school dad Darren, played by Andrew Rannells (‘The Intern’), and a detective handling the case, played by Bashir Salahuddin (‘GLOW’).

Feig has fun with the dark and ferocious humour, and startling twist and turns throughout the film that have us on the edge of our seat and keep us guessing. Much like ‘Searching’, we are fed the occasional breadcrumb as the mystery of Emily’s disappearance slowly unravels. All in all, an enthralling and unpredictable film, with some great black humour.


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