Monday, November 26, 2018

Review Robin Hood (2018)

The latest Robin Hood incarnation is directed by Otto Bathurst and stars Taron Egerton (‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’) as Lord Robin of Loxley, a war-hardened crusader who returns from Arabia to a very different Nottingham to the one he left four years before, and quickly discovers that there are corrupt forces at work that he must do everything in his power to stop.

The opening monologue sets the film’s stall out right from the off, advising the viewer to forget what they think they know about the legend that is Robin Hood. The writing team attempt to change the themes and character motives we all know from previous ‘Robin Hood’ tales, and although stepping in a different direction does give fresh ideas in terms of story, the resulting plot devices, action sequences and drama feel strangely familiar; in truth, they aren’t anything groundbreaking, and whilst entertaining, nothing we haven’t seen before in some shape or form.

Ben Mendelsohn is one of the highlights of the film as the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham, although his character is not much of a stretch from previous roles in ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Ready Player One’. Egerton meanwhile is his usual charismatic and energetic self, but even he feels wasted on drab and cringeworthy dialogue. His on-screen relationship with Jamie Foxx (‘Collateral’), who plays John, is very watchable however. There are also decent supporting performances from Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan and Tim Minchin.

The ending seemingly leaves the story open for a sequel, but after poor ratings from critics and cinema-goers alike, one can’t help but feel this is almost certainly the end of the road for yet another ‘Robin Hood’ story. But this is Hollywood....


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