Friday, December 21, 2018

Review Aquaman (2018)

#Aquaman (2018): 6/10

Aquaman was directed by James Wan (‘The Conjuring’, ‘Fast & Furious 7’) and stars Jason Momoa (‘Stargate Atlantis’, ‘Game Of Thrones’) as Arthur Curry, Earth’s last hope for peace between the land and the sea, with King Orm (Patrick Wilson) intent on gathering Atlantis forces and destroying the surface world.

The opening of the film introduces us to Arthur’s parents and their chance meeting, which is both touching and action-packed at the same time. It’s a good start to the story. Wan continues to feed us bits of Arthur’s past and training to become a king through a series of flashbacks, which gives us the chance to get straight into the action in the present day. The film certainly looks the part; the action sequences are vibrant; the costumes enchanting; the underwater visuals during scenes in the Kingdom Of Atlantis are a spectacular feast for the eyes, and something we have not seen before in the superhero genre. The underwater dynamic also makes for some interesting battles and fight sequences, which are executed well.

Unfortunately for James Wan and Aquaman though, we have been truly spoilt over the years with some excellent superhero films harnessing fantastic production value, particularly those from Marvel, which any new superhero film will inevitably been compared against. For all Aquaman’s visuals and entertainment, it does rely extremely heavily on its CGI. The film’s script also leaves a lot to be desired, recurrently feeling plain and corny, with a number of jokes that fall flat.

Despite its flaws, there is enough on show in Aquaman to enjoy; with some decent performances from the cast, it can be considered another entertaining entry in the DECU, and certainly an improvement on the disappointing ‘Justice League’.

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